Welcome to Yo Slingshots.

Welcome to our new website!  Please stop by often to see the new offerings we have planned to showcase over the next few months. 


Yo Slingshots offers the finest hand made slingshots in the industry.  Here you are sure to find a slingshot that fits your needs. We constantly strive to exceed your expecations, and would welcome the chance to help you find just what you arte looking for.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Where to Find Us:

Yo Slingshots is located in the heart of the Manistee National Forest, located in nothern Michigan. We may be located in the "middle of nowhere" yet our products can be found in the hands of slingshot fans all around the globe. Please feel free to contact us by email.


*We have moved! We are now located in Missouri...stay tuned!



Thanks for all the orders!

Some of the items in the store are sold out, but more should be in stock soon.  We are working on some new items for the new year...stay tuned!



I have opened the store again!


Feel free to take a look at some new items in the store.

I have been shipping Slingshots on a per-request basis, and now I feel that I can meet a greater demand. Please allow a bit more time than normal for shipping.  Any concerns, please email me before payment.






We have good news, the shop is up and running again, and I have been doing custom orders for people who have emailed me, asking for specific slingshots and supplies.

Since my priority is to my job first (I am a pastor) and my craft second, I have delayed opening the store so I can give the best possible service that customers have come to expect from YO Slingshots.

Please contact me if you see something you like, and we can work something out.




I have moved to Missouri!  However, the move has taken a bit longer than I expected.  The shop is getting set up, but there are a few problems to overcome.  I hope to open very soon. Visit my facebook page for more current updates.



Please note: I have closed the store until I have moved. Thank you for stopping by.  It should be open again in about 2 weeks. I will be updating my progress on the Yo Slingshots Facebook page.



Please Note:  I will be moving in the next few weeks. Please email me if possible before ordering.  I will try to ship asap all items listed in the store, but there may be a small delay as I set up shop in my new home...thanks.



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