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Welcome to Yo Slingshots.

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Due to our move, we have the store closed, but we are still selling slingshots! We just want to be sure we can meet the demand, and give the service people have come to expect from Yo Slingshots. Please contact us by email (use the Contact Us page) and I will get right back to you reguarding your request.


Yo Slingshots offers the finest hand made slingshots in the industry.  Here you are sure to find a slingshot that fits your needs. We constantly strive to exceed your expecations, and would welcome the chance to help you find just what you arte looking for.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.





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1-7-15 Thanks to all the people who have continued to support us by email requests. This has worked well, and we will continue to sell slingshots this way for a little longer. Please feel free to contact me, and I will get right back to you reguarding your inquiry.


10-28-14 Yo Slingshots is moving! The store will be closed untill we unpack and set up again. If you see something you like, please contact me by email, chances are we can still work something out.


10-10-14 After so many requests asking us to do so, we have made a larger verson of the WBG, the XTR and the XLT. These will come with either Predator Band clips or our new para-cord "match stick" attachment.


9-17-14 The Yo WBG Tubed Slingshots are back in stock in 3/4 poly and 1/2 inch poly, and they are going fast!


9-05-14 Take at the new aluminum backed  "50/50" slingshots in the whats new section.  These will be for sale very soon!


9-5-14 Thanks for all the WBG Tubed orders.  I plan to have them back in stock in a week or so.


9-01-14 Check out the new Y2 and YT Poly sling shots for sale in the store.


9-01-14 Check out the new aluminum  WBG, Y2 and YT cores that are for sale in the store.


Note: We will no longer be making Spectraply slingshots

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